Potter Filmstrip

Hand-Crafted kiln-fired pottery

There is something both primal and tribal about the look, the weight and the feel of hand-crafted kiln-fired pottery. Archeologists tell us that the kiln appeared 10,000 years ago for the making of both brick and pottery — contemporaneously with ovens for baking bread. This history, at some archetypal level, forever links hand-crafted kiln-fired pottery, with the colors, warmth, smells and associations of both home and food.
Feral Pots is dedicated to providing the highest quality hand-crafted pottery to accent your home and complement your food, kitchen and dinner table.

The Feral Potter

Potter and teacher, Susan Ferrell received a BA in Art from University of Wisconsin and a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University. Susan has been making pottery for over thirty years and teaching ceramic classes, from child to adult level, for over fifteen years.