Clay Dragon Sculpture

clay dragon sculpture

Henry’s first breath

“Can you make a dragon to sit on top of my smoker?”  “Well, yes, I can!” And that’s how it began: the collaboration between Paul and me to create a ceramic dragon to breathe smoke as the meat inside the smoker becomes nice and tasty!

His name is Henry, and, yes, he breathes SMOKE from his perch on top of Paul’s meat smoker!

clay dragon sculpture

What a face!

Close up of Henry’s smiling face. He is modeled after many pictures of classic Chinese dragons. The clay is terra cotta, and there were about 12 different glazes used to color his body.

clay sculpture

The whole dragon!

Henry measures about 18 inches from snout to tail. Barely fit in the kiln! Elapsed time for this project, from first inception til delivery, was 6 months. Quite a challenge, and worth it!

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